​Dr Ahmed Al Zoubi
Head of Arabic Language and Literature Department
Welcome speech
The Department of Arabic Language is pleased to welcome its students and other visitors on this page within the website of our university, Mu'tah University.
The Department of Arabic Language is one of the oldest departments in this prestigious university, it was founded by its founding, has provided the homeland with cohorts and cohorts of graduates in the specialty of Arabic language and literature in the bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.
The ultimate purpose of this section is to provide and teach the Arabic language in the best available means, because it is a language that deserves us every service. Field and enriched by material and beyond a goal in rhetoric and eloquence, touched the sky miracles in her statement, God lined the language of the seal of the prophets, peace be upon him, and an Arabic tongue indicated for his holy book.
The poet of the Nile believed when he said on her tongue:
I am the sea in its bowels Durr latent Is the diver wondered about my shells !!
The Arabic language in our university is an academic discipline, like the other specializations in our university, and the Arabic language is too big to stand at the specialization. Arabic science and jurisprudence, it is a tool of expression, and the tool of understanding texts, and aesthetic taste of it, and the tool to refine souls, minds and sophistication culturally and values.
The Department of Arabic Language organized a major celebration on the occasion of the International Arabic Language Day in cooperation with Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.
Among the activities carried out by the Department of Arabic language host some poets from the sons of the province of Karak and delivered many poems in the presence of students of the Department and the Faculty of Arts.

Programs in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature:

In addition to the Bachelor Program in Arabic Language and Literature, the Department adopts several postgraduate programs for master's and doctoral degrees in language, literature and criticism.