there is no doubt that providing students with various aspects of knowledge and culture of the languages they study is one of the major concerns of the department and we seek to achieve that through extracurricular cultural activities organized by the Department of European languages. We are aware that the participation of students in various activities such as the annual celebration of French language and of francophony days as well as their participation in writing in the wall magazine, the leaflet of the department, the literary and scientific lectures and conferences would refine the personality of our students and develop their linguistic and cultural skills and promote his self-confidence.


The department of European languages is relatively modern, it seeks excellence and it aims at well qualified students in French and English, who are able to communicate, interact openly and interchange with their counterparts in the countries speaking French and English languages. One of our goals is to enable students to be aware of the various aspects of French and English language in order to use them successfully in their professional and academic domain as well as in their higher studies in Francophone states or English-speaking countries.


The department aims to enable students to use the French and English languages in various fields of Speech and dialogs through the proposed courses which ensure the graduation of well skilled and qualified students who can reflect a positive image of himself, his society and his culture. It also aims to graduate highly qualified students who are able to contribute in the development of the local and Arab communities.