the message:
The Department of Arabic Language and Literature seeks to teach the Arabic language to Arab and non-Arab students and preserve the language of the Holy Quran. Building.


     1- Teaching Arabic language and empowering students with its various skills.

     2. Enhancing scientific research in the field of Arabic language and its sciences and preparing studies and researches

         Linguistic and literary that aims to serve the language of the Koran.

     3 - contribute to the revival of the Arab heritage in the sciences of the Arabic language and literature, for the benefit of intellectuals

          The section thus contributes to highlighting our civilizational landmarks and opening the horizons for them to fulfill their mission


     4. Contribute to the objectives of the Faculty of Arts by teaching the required materials by departments and departments

         And various centers, and provide language advice to interested parties.

     5 - Dissemination of the language of the Koran among non-Arab Muslim communities, so that he can know the language

         Quran and Hadith in their native language.

     6 - Preparation of academic cadres qualified for university work through graduate programs.


Mental skills
    Provide graduate students with the following skills:

1- The skill of reading, criticizing and judging texts.

2- The skill of verbal and written communication with the other.

3 - Skill of research in linguistic and literary sources.​