Welcome to the College of Arts at Mutah University, Jordan. This college comprises about one-third of the University body in terms of staff and number of students. During the academic year 2002/2003, the number of teaching staff has reached 111, and that of students 2851. About 90% of the teaching staff are Ph.D. holders, many of whom obtained their degrees from well-known British, French, German, or American Universities. The College confers B.A. and M.A degree in six fields of specialization and PH.D degree in two areas.


   The Dean, who is assisted by the Vice-Dean, Assistant Dean, Chairpersons of the Departments, Councils of the Departments and the Council of the Faculty, governs the College. 

A number of students' clubs has been created to organize extracurricular activities. The College has a computer lab, which provides free access to all students to do their projects. 

     The building of the College is at the main campus of Mutah University, which is located l2 km. from Karak, a rich historical and archaeological treasure, picturesque ruins in the area that attract visitors from the kingdom and tourists from all over the world. The two magnificent Wadies of Al-Mujib and Rum, Petra (the Rose-Red City), as well as Aqaba port on the Red Sea with its fine coastal scenery are also noteworthy features of the area.


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