The Department of European Languages was established in 2005 in response to the University's deep desire to meet the needs of the Jordanian community within a wide geographical area to provide qualified cadres who are fluent in writing, reading and speaking in both French and English.
The study plan of the department includes a major specialization in French as well as a sub-specialization in English, which we consider to be an advantage in the ability to master the two international languages required at the local, regional and even global levels. The department also provides an opportunity for university students to learn the basics of French language  by offering it as an optional language course.
 The Department aspires to adopt an ambitious plan through the establishment of the French language specialization and as a separate department  specialization, and through the dedication of a broader effort and a comprehensive plan to provide the society and the labor market with qualified gradute skills in communication, culture, literature and business. The department also aspires to establish other specializations in Spanish and German lang in order to communicate in more than one foreign language..
We are confident in our ability to achieve the goals  which  the Department of European Languages created for.